Nine Days Menu!!!

The Nine Days Menu

I love summer, with their awesome carefree days, spent at the pool, beach, vacationing, camp, and the effortlessness of grilling, BBQ’s, and pot-lucks.  However, smack in the middle, come what are colloquially referred to as “The Nine Days.” The Nine Days of Av take place during the first nine days of the Jewish month of Av, which usually falls towards the end of July or the beginning of August.

The Nine Days begin on Rosh Chodesh Av (“First of Av”) and culminates on the public fast day of Tisha B’Av (“Ninth of Av”).  During these days many have the custom not to have any meat or poultry.  With this restriction, on the otherwise already restricted kosher person’s diet comes the inevitable questions that I, for one, dread year round: “What’s for dinner?”

Not being one to spend hours in the kitchen with an oven or over a hot stove, I’ve made a schedule and included some links, tips, and tricks to help you out during this time.

This year, The Nine Days begin on Monday July 24, and conclude with Tisha B’av on Tuesday August 1.  On Shabbat, most have the custom to eat meat, so I have removed Shabbat from the list.  If this is not your custom, feel free to comment or shoot me an email, andI’lll give you some meatless Shabbat options, as well.

Monday, July 24:

For those of you already following a “Meatless Monday” schedule, feel free to keep that awesomeness going.  I for one will be making Bean Burritos/Quesadillas or Veggie and Bean Chili.  Chanie from the blog Busy in Brooklyn does a lot of Meatless Mondays, and has some great ideas, as well.

For something more Middle Eastern, I also cook up a rice “cake” with lentils and raisins , and served with Greek yogurt.  Surprisingly easy,  and my kids love it.

Ingredients Equipment
2 Cups jasmine rice

¾ cup dry lentils

2/3 cup raisins

1 tbs Kosher Salt

Vegetable or canola oil


6 Quart nonstick pot with good fitting lid

3 quart pot

Fine Mesh Sieve

Measuring cups


Place lentils in sieve and give a quick rinse. Then,  place in smaller pot and cover with water.  Bring to a boil for fuve munutes or until just tender.  Do not over cook – they will cook more with the rice.

Meanwhile, place rice into the sieve and rinse.  Place into larger pot, and cover with water three  inches over the surface.  Add in about 3 tablespoon of oil, salt and raisins.

When lentils are done, rinse and add into rice.

Stir contents of rice pot gently to combine.  Place over medium high heat until boiling.  Cover and immediately reduce heat to medium-low.  Watch so that it doesn’t over-boil, but do not uncover.  Resist the urge to stir!

Cook for about 45 minutes.  You want the rice sticky, like sushi rice with a crust forming on the outside.

When complete, let cool with cover off for about 10 minutes.  Take a serving platter, or plate larger than the circumference of the pot, and place over the top of the pot.  Over a sink or a counter, quickly flip rice over onto the plate.  It should come out as one big “cake,” [if not, don’t worry, Persian grandmas take years to learn this, it will still taste great].

Serve with plain Greek yogurt.

Tuesday July 25:

I cant get rid of #tacotuesday so were going to do Fish Tacos!  My go-to is this recipe:  Fish Taco by Anne Burrell, of the Food Network.  You can also substitute your regular frozen fish sticks for the fish to make it even easier!

Wednesday August 26:

Eggs, any which way you like them! I prefer a frittata because I can make it ahead, and it’s good cold, room temperature or hot.  My favorite recipe is, of course, adapted from the #whole30 version.

Ingredients Equipment
6-8 large eggs beaten (depending on how many people you are serving)

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ tsp pepper

½- 1 whole onion diced (depending on your love of onions)

1 – 1 ½ cups roasted or cooked veggies of choice

1 bag baby spinach (optional)

2 tbs olive oil, coconut oil or ghee


Mixing bowl


Measuring spoons

Non-stick skillet (oven-proof)*


Set oven to broil, or at 500°.

In a mixing bowl, whisk eggs with salt and pepper.

Heat skillet over medium heat and add oil or ghee, if using.  When hot, add onions and cook until softened but not browned.  Stir often.  3-5 minutes.  Add remaining veggies and spinach, if using.  Stir another 30 seconds, until spinach is slightly wilted.

Pour in eggs, and fold using a rubber spatula.  Cook for 3 minutes, until bottom is set.

Place into oven and cook 7-10 minutes until puffy, and top is golden. *

This is highly customizable.  You can mix and match veggies, add cheese or potatoes.  The possibilities are endless!

You can also try Cooking With Tantrums Shakshuka for a different option.

Thursday July 27:

PASTA, PASTA, PASTA! My kids love Wacky Mac.  If you have more discerning kids, you can try some of the following:

No Boil Baked Ziti

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Pasta Primavera

Fettuccine Alfredo

Serve with a nice spinach salad on the side, and poof, dinner is done!

Sunday July 30:

Falafel! You can of course use the frozen falafel/mixes to make your own.  But my go-to falafel recipe has always been this one from Kitchen Tested Crock Pot Falafel   So easy, and no frying!

Serve with pita or laffa bread (I like to make my own pita and use the recipe from Fresh and Easy ) along with chumus, techina, fried eggplant, red cabbage salad and fries, if you want to be authentic.  I also add some schug but I like things  hot!

Monday July 31:

Since this is also your pre-fast meaI, I like to make it hearty yet simplr so that your not thirsty…

Roasted Salmon, quinoa, sweet potatoes, sliced avocado and tomato.

Have an easy and meaningful fast!



*wrap the handle in foil so you remember that it is hot when you remove it from the oven



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