Have Your (Whole30) Latke, and Eat it, Too!

Curry Cauliflower Latkes with Mango Apricot Chutney If you thought you'd have to watch everyone partake of one of the true gastronomic pleasures of the season, well, have I got a surprise for you!  You can have your latke, Whole30-style, and eat it, too!  Besides being Whole 30 compliant, they are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, … Continue reading Have Your (Whole30) Latke, and Eat it, Too!

Easy One Bowl Challah

I love challah.  As a little girl I would tunnel my way through a whole challah.  Literally borough my through still I could wear it like an oversized cuff bracelet.  (I know a little gross sorry)  Well as I grew so did my love of carbs.  Limiting carbs is not something I enjoy, but for … Continue reading Easy One Bowl Challah

The Unorganized (Disorganized?) Guide to Holiday Preparation

Whether your holiday meals are grand affairs for no less than 30 people with five courses, or the six of you and whatever you can slop together, the holidays tend to be a time of anxiety for the non-planner. I'm here to help with that and get some healthy, delicious, easy and show-stopping food on your … Continue reading The Unorganized (Disorganized?) Guide to Holiday Preparation